New Play Finland

New Play Finland (UNO) is a long-term project started in 2016 by Theatre 2.0, an independent professional non-profit theatre company. The project is called UNO for short, from the project’s Finnish name Uuden näytelmän ohjelma.

Our priority in UNO is to support the Finnish professional playwright to strive for excellence. We set the stage for dialogue. We bring together playwrights, theatres and related organisations in fostering Finnish new drama. We help theatre professionals to develop their practices and to find productive ways to collaborate with playwrights, and to attract a larger audience for new drama.

Our aim is to raise the appreciation of Finnish professional playwrights, and thus ensure the best possible quality of new Finnish plays also in the future.

UNO is funded by Kone Foundation, Finnish Cultural Foundation, Ministry of Education and Culture in Finland and UNO Network member organisations.


2016–2017 Planning (2016) and pilot (2017)
2018–2019 Phase 1
2020–2021 Phase 2

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UNO Director

Saara Rautavuoma
+ 358 (0)50 302 0706

UNO Dramaturge

Paula Salminen

UNO Coordinator

Jonni Pantzar

Mailing address

Theatre 2.0 / New Play Finland
Hallituskatu 15 B 31, FIN-33200 Tampere

UNO Website In Finnish

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Theatre 2.0

Playwrights’ Programs


Playwrights’ program 2020–2021

4 mid-career playwrights

The fourth and final UNO playwrights’ program supports professional, experienced, mid-career playwrights’ progress as an artist, as well as their actual work. We offer the opportunity to create and develop new work with the help of colleagues and a dramaturge. In this program UNO encourages participants to challenge themselves with something new. UNO is also an environment free from the pressure of a production if participant so chooses. Four playwrights were accepted to the program via open call. Their collaboration with UNO lasts about 1,5 years during 2020–2021.

Residence 2017–2019

Write Yourself to the Next Level
3 new playwrights start in the programme each year

UNO Residence supports professional, experienced, mid-career playwrights’ progress as an artist, as well as their actual work. We offer a chance to focus on writing their new play in a pressure-free environment with the help of colleagues, dramaturge and other experts if needed. The Residence is about guidance and support, not an actual place to work at. Three (3) new playwrights were accepted to the programme each year via open call. They were part of the program for about 1,5 years.

Hatchery 2017–2019

A Support Package for a Novice Playwright
2 new playwrights start in the program each year

UNO Hatchery supports new emerging writers in finding their own artistic voice and focus as a playwright. We offer help with an unfinished play, and with starting a career as a professional playwright. Two (2) new playwrights were accepted to the program each year via open call. They were part of the program for about 1,5 years.

For the playwrights we offer…

UNO Playwrights 2020–2021

Playwrights’ program 2020–2021

Kati Kaartinen
E.L. Karhu
Marjo Niemi
Minna Nurmelin

UNO Playwrights 2019

Residence 2019

Maria Kilpi // working with dramaturge Minna Leino
Pipsa Lonka // working with dramaturge E.L. Karhu
Jussi Moila // working with dramaturge Klaus Maunuksela

Hatchery 2019

Valto Kuuluvainen // working with UNO dramaturge Paula Salminen
Laura Valkama // working with UNO dramaturge Paula Salminen

UNO Playwrights 2018

Residence 2018

Sofia Aminoff // working with dramaturge Lena Nylén
Okko Leo // working with dramaturge Juha Hurme
Veikko Nuutinen // working with a selection of readers

Hatchery 2018

Marjo Airisniemi // working with UNO dramaturge Elina Snicker
Iida Hämeen-Anttila // working with UNO dramaturge Elina Snicker

UNO Playwrights 2017

Residence 2017

Marko Järvikallas // worked with dramaturge Pirkko Saisio
Marie Kajava // worked with dramaturge Seppo Parkkinen
Salla Viikka // worked with dramaturge Heini Junkkaala

Hatchery 2017

Asko Jaakonaho // worked with UNO dramaturge Elina Snicker
Eeva Turunen // worked with UNO dramaturge Elina Snicker



UNO Network is a collaboration of professional theatres and other theatre related organisations connected by their interest in new Finnish drama. The Network shares the knowledge and useful practises of working with new plays. It is a platform for improving and developing diverse ways of co-operation between playwrights, theatres and theatre professionals. The Network works in co-operation with UNO Playwrights’ Programmes. It can offer production possibilities for new plays created in UNO Residence and Hatchery.

At the moment UNO Network consists of 16 professional theatres of different shapes and sizes. During the project UNO has collaborated with 30 theatres. UNO also works together with other theatre related organisations operating in Finland.

Network Principles

UNO Network’s Principles

  • We want to secure the existence of high-quality Finnish plays and to make new Finnish drama better known nationally and abroad.
  • We share the understanding that improving the working conditions of professional playwrights is necessary.
  • We are prepared to study and develop our practices and advance our personnel’s know-how of new playwriting.
  • We are ready and willing to commit to a long-term, solution-oriented dialogue and collaboration with professional playwrights.
  • We are ready and willing to collaborate with other theatres and theatre related organisations.
  • We commit to confidentiality between Network members on all shared information.
  • We respect the playwrights’ copyright to ideas and schemes for new plays they share with the Network.



Performances, readings and events

UNO Stage helps audiences all over Finland find their way to performances, readings and other events where they can enjoy new playwriting. Mostly in Finnish.


UNO Stage is also a home for UNO’s podcasts – a series of quality discussions about playwriting and theatre by playwrights and other theatre professionals. Podcasts are mostly in Finnish.

Listen to an episode in English with a discussion by playwrights Sivan Ben Yishai and E.L. Karhu.